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Rag Time


Come on everybody let's all get down

Come on everybody let's all get down

Come on everybody let's all get down

What we bring to you, is the boot camp sound


So that nobody out there will be misled

We come to bring this to you live and direct

Live and direct from the boot camp set

We be w-w-b-c-c, family is our priority

We wan' look out for you, so you look out for we

So each one, for each one it's necessary

To establish this establishment in a hurry

Don't worry, rhino got security very trained

Cuz we don't know how sometimes things get buried

But in my vision i see, how all my peeps

Congregate in common unity

The place soon to be packed in capacity

It makes me glad to see all these celebrities

Reminds me of back in the days of rag time

When my people used to come and show they face and shine

Spend a couple of dimes, sip some wine

Brothers look sharp, sisters lookin revive

So get up, get live, grown folks on line

Young folks allowed only if they act pride

There's a party tonight, open and vibe

Get ready, cuz we bout to let the bomb ignite, the bomb ignite


[mada rocka]

Come in and bring, you divine, simply refined

Pull out the glasses boy, you bout to taste the finest wine

I'm tryin to shine like the soldiers smif-n-wessun

Count yours blessings, and take heed, life is full of lessons

No need for stressin and dwellin on the past

Hit the blunt and pass, and pick your body up and dance

Chill, let mada rocka put you in a trance

We gon see who them rag or not


We got brown on the keyboards, boogie brown on the q-sticks

Mr. brown on guitar, oh lord

Eye an eye, like the gemini

Speakin of gemini, caught the b.d.i. smokin wit smokey lah


Come on, you better come on down

You better come on down, you better come on down



I got a lesson from the good reverend meouphe

He told me when the vibe is negative, buck be off

I stay in tune, wit the feel of the most natural meal

We w b c, brake the seal, make ya squaller and kneel

Know you know the deal, rag time you better come down for real


[singing and preaching to the end]

Rag Time /

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