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Night Riders Remix

Featuring Aaliyah]


Let the games begin...

Buckshot Da BDI

Tek N Steele The Cocoa Brovaz

And Aaliyah

Doin it like this


You can ride with me (x6)


Experience this you and I ridin on a natural mist

Wit me and my gunz we still # 1 like this

Black Smif N Wessun on da top of you list

Mysterious individual ST doubly a league

Creap on da scene on da double D on da 18 inch

Risin, tryin to get right midnight

Makin moves wit my crewz on dirt bikes

Eyes straight up, keep my head capped up

Linked up wit my Cocoa B'z, cocoa treez

Keep u on a level where we flow on

Like boats in da ocean, like teachin Sean ?



Da night is major, read a ? splashin on my pager

Preparin fo our gig in a slowed up ?

wit money makers who hold da tables down in Vegas

Talkin bout da games, the homies sold by from da Lakers

It's all da same, different faces and names

Da conversation changes, ya hoes run for cream

? quicka and new friends come 'round

But forget where you from, let's get laid down

Super cat of this rap, don't own no plaques

But I'm posin wit Aaliyah for da plastic

And catch da night breeze as we burn down treez

Ridin in da buggy, got 3 to NYC


[Buckshot (repeat first 2 lines x2)]

What y'all people here to represent? Boot Camp

What we here to represent? Boot Camp

When you come on down ya see ST

When you come on down ya see Smokey Lah

When you come on down ya see BDB

When you come on down ya see BCC

Buckshot be da # 1 chance, speedin fast

Like Ramadon, plus I blow da amp and da fuse

Buck be da boss, ya lose if ya toss

Must of got tossed at da road

Of course da most popular

When I'm rockin ya, BCC steady knockin ya

Lookin at da box, duece duece

And woofers in my trunk, 4 lights

And likes to get pull lights

And watch me as I dump, one nation baby

Boot Camp and Aaliyah drive ya crazy

Ya wanna see us


You can ride wit me, you can ride wit me

C'mon and ride wit me, ride wit BCC

You can ride wit me, You can ride wit me

C'Mon and ride wit me, you can ride wit me

we ride, we ride, we ride, we ride, we ride

Night riders, ni-night riders, we ride (repeat to fade

Night Riders Remix /

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