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Night Riders

Night riders, ni-night riders

Night riders, ni-night riders


Let the games begin

A few good men called in on assignment time to rhyme with

War General connection, black Smif-N-Wessun

Watch your section, the night moves in three directions

calculatin, watch those steps you takin

You never know who lies in the shadows waitin


For you to make a slipup cause they clocked your moves

Peep where you stashed the night and how you rock the ice jewels

You was at the bar mackin, blowin up the Jack when

they caught you off point and stripped you of your royal fashions

You thought it couldn't happen -- cause youse the talk of the block

But you just been rocked in your man's gamblin spot


Ride on, you see B.D.B. when you come on down

You see Smoky Ride when you come on down

You see S-T when you come on down

You see B.C.C.

I float, I fly, I walk with the devil

by my side, always and forever days I

battle the demon, schemin on my riches

Cause my family switched from un to organized thoughts

and we organize now, how you like that?

We strike right, B.D. got you on the eye

so I got you trapped, but it seems like the blueprint

ain't made for that, those devilish and wickedness ways

But look at how the wicked get splayed

The image that the wicked is goin in time, but

time is the illusion, Buck keep the conclusion

You better believe when you walk dem streets

Walk witcha eyes up when you rise up

I see, cause every mornin that I wake up there's always

a five in the air ready to fuck with me

So what cha'll here to represent -- Boot Camp

What we here to represent -- Boot Camp

What cha'll people represent -- Boot Camp

What we here to represent -- B.C.C.

When you come on down, you see B.D.B.

When you come on down, you see S.T.

When you come on down, you see Smoky Ride

When you come on down, you see B.C.C.

What cha'll here to represent -- the Boot Camp


Hah, connection connect to resurrect those who think

mind detect if you keep my people in check, one thought

elevate, manifest light

We keep my people equal in my eyesight


Duck Down Entaprizin, tryin to get right

I fight cause I believe there's more to life

There's a mark on my head, but ain't the mark of the beast

but I got beef cause the beast keep runnin up in my piece


I'm hearin rumors fly about me that I moved from the hood

Bought a crib out in 'Lanta like it's really all good

And there I push a Ac' with my wifey and seeds

Got hits that play the yards and I'm sittin on G's

Cause Da Shinin went gold but you've been falsely told

Don't believe in everything your ears and eyes behold


And just when you thought it was safe -- surprise

Open your eyes -- B.C.C.'s on the rise

Heh, don't get mad, you see, change is good

If what you learn don't change, yourself

then why are you learnin what you learnin?

Listen, change is good

and we doin this elevatin in the neighborhood

So all my people if you wit me, throw your hands in the air

and let me know you're with B.C.C.

*singing to end

Night Riders /

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