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Headz Are Reddee Pt II


R U ready....(to my west coast headz come on)

Ready...all my headz are you ready

and to my east coast headz come on

R U ready...I say all my peoples are you ready

and to my headz thats overseas

I say are you ready

all my people are you ready


muthafucka had it up to here

from my chest to my head

when the led paint the town red bloodshed your dead

I groove thru these pavements

we all together theres no slaveships

so run these rebels that race this

be watchful of large cows hovering covering in the dawn

husk its the storm, I cock back

relax and drink the henne-vill slugga

my fleet will see ahead so we will see you sucka

shake em down for profound sound

punk your down by lightnin, throw your fists up cuz...


the escapade when its followed, move the shit from Guatemala

move the Q-U 7 years ago wit my father

I met shorty whop at a block dice game

no words where exchanged, body language did its thang

think I didnt when I did take honey back to the nest

twist the back as soon as we hit the rest

me tongue and kisses sway like a fly wind bloom

seductivly undressed as she layed across the room

and cocked her seat up on the bed and grabbed her ankles and said

its been a long time lets see if your ready yet


All my peoples are you ready

R-U..all my peopless are you ready


we the soldiers of misfortune have faught one common cause

I keep mine in yours for fallen off

when sources uncontrollable offers coffins for all of you

soon we'll see it might be too late to come in unity


Yo its on again,

wack get gone it when Boot Camp begin swarmin in

so I say all my peoples are you ready,

are you ready, not the one gas like the Getty let the

soldiers get busy light this party like a bar-be

you too late once we start we, nothin gets copy

when squads meet, oh god we gon last

when Im rockin you cant escape from me

from the grass out the smash

we rock rows, I crash like a drunk driver wit his tire slashed

punk you dont know the half and if you do

then maybe you can fuck wit me

and my W-W-B-C-C


oh, oh its my go, I blow Mc's outta the frame

tell me that it wassnt your last l.p. to blame

so i got this shit lockdown like terrorists in airplanes

now that my swear is complete I got no time for games

(I know)me and rino be like the lone ranger and tonto

stickin niggas up for they weed and they pronto

I play the background call me the head honcho

out to get mine, I aint got no time for your convo

I got you, hak-2, hit em wit a combo

me and ville sluggah out a shorty in diablo


[Top Dog]

Life is a sound, we a de champions, the champions....yeeeeah

listen to sound, we a de numba one sound, de numba ones yeeeah

for de people dem, we have to be a little stronger

all in all the Top Dog you will be wrong-

to miss, the Storm on CD-Rom

givin you the bomb, big up to Tawl Sean


From an unknown region, me and my legion

never believe in the evil ways of a heathen

I breathe in, out improve on my physical

trees keep me blessed, prepare for my ritual

its critical when I belittle fools wit syllables

I choose to use cuz yall niggas is pitiful

its difficult to see whose ready

Nocoturnal journalist racin thru crews like Andretti


As I come back on tracks

put you in the mood to sit back and relax

I hope you cop a swat cuz what I got rocks

your mind body and soul as I take control

whats the definition of Buck..Force

I stayed away for 3 years but came back in the 4th

to stand alone on the throne of course

Buck be the boss, the rest gettin tossed



Buckshot is here to stay you best believe it in

now you ready for what we got

gotta give a big big-up

to the whole conference all

Tigga, Tek and Sway, the Bay Boys in the place to be

B double O T-C-A-M-P, an we busy

Gotta big-up Illanoiz, DJ Swan, The Representativz

always representin yall

Headz Are Reddee Pt II /

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