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Go For Yours

[chorus: d. real]

It be the b.t.j's, wit lyrics for all

We be on point wit the joints, cuz we takin no fall

So i'mma go for mine (so son, go for yours)

Yo i'mma go for mine (so son, go for yours)

[el sha]

My crew be in the mix, like name brand kicks

The kids that only deal wit that type of nonsense

You can't get wit, d.k.s. self evident

Adolescence, reign the supreme court, in any, every, meant

[lil knock]

The time was approximately eleven forty three

When the d called me, and told me, we must be

Lyrically, the best that he says, the

K n o c k, and s and k, it's spray

Comin away, the b.t.j., it be they

I'mma hold it down, wit sounds

Like clowns, walk the trey pound

Now in the underground, b.t.j. just entered

Remember, the s comes last like december

Once shit cock it's time to rock like the monsta

In reality, b.t.j., is lyrically responsible for all difficulties

[el sha]

My lyrics oppose a threat to the best m.c. yet

And appears nightmares for those who slept

Also the biters, claimin they writers

They need to think about what they talk about

When you exposin your dirt, that's when you dummin out

Dwellin in the pj's, all day, hangin out wit nothin to do

Them rebellin niggas is mad, cuz i'm tellin the truth

Hittin yo wit mind craftin, flows to molecular cord graphin

[chorus 2x]

[lil knock]

Aiyo one day it was me and the d

Walkin down the street, some niggas stepped to me

Said are you lil r-u-t-i-z

He said i heard you nice on the muthafuckin m-i-c

Battle me, battle right here, and let's see

So we kicked a verse that didn't hurt

So i hit 'em worst, to let him know i don't play those games

Save 'em for the jerks, d. verbs said "son, let me get some"

I said "no, cuz he's a victim, and he probably in my premises

You know when i open my book wit my lyrics i'm endin this"

(no question) all this shit he poppin in my ears

Fuckin ejected, he can't hang wit my style

Look now, here's man fillin it, back to like what i was sayin

I start extortin, i'm not playin

You want lil knock? i come on your block

Cock and then start sprayin, lyrics

So don't start what you can't finish

Cuz i will be sure to end whatever you created

[el sha]

Mentally you can't function

Physically you dead wit the push of this button

Explosion be corruptin, from the expert of execution

I met lil knock at the junction

He was talkin about walkin, to the tree spot

We took the l to new rox, we got stopped by two cops

Talkin about "where the two glocks?", we doo wops

How was i two glocks? man, it's too hot

And i'm cold, so let me go, i never hold

Whoever told you, that i do la?

Lil sha, fuck a do or die

Nigga die, because of what they do

I do what i do wit my crew

Po-po was hype, they was like "you bite, stick wit the mic device"

Drivin off, said "have a good night"

Personally i might, and all that shit i said was a psych'


So who's the crew that give nightmares to those who slept (d.k.s.)

Constantly flown wit finesse (d.k.s.)

Puttin all comp' to rest (d.k.s.)

Be the best so you can't contest

Go For Yours /

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