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Black Out


I ain't blackin' out yet man. Yo fuck with dat.

Just spark...just spark all the rest of them L's son so we can all

just BLACK


[BJ Swan]

I get the best of the best T H C C O U N T

whether from Jamaica or Hawaii I stay comin up with that Jumanji

C'mon I thought you knew bout a brother like me

with a name like Swan...


You's a buddha junkie!

[BJ Swan]

chase the taste of the elegance flowin' in the bass

when we in the place, party people know they gotta wait

cause when Boot Camp niggas in the place to be

our only mission is to make you Black O-U-T, C'mon


C'mon, Poster Poster on the wall, who get's the blackest of them all?

Mr. MALDU! smokin lah till I Black Out

sometimes it make a nigga rhyme till I Black Out

now the'll be plenty ways to Black Out

one way is gettin mashed out, or bringin yo ass out the Bummy Jab


and break yo mask out cause the smoke'll make you gag

spliff after spliff till you flat on yo ass

(chorus x 2)

I'm fallin'

I'm fallin'

I'm fallin'

Black Out's callin'


In the Double D, thinkin bout all the shit that worry me

me and Ville Sluggah had the all black bubbly

North Face Goose, cuttin' loose sticks and seeds out the weed

remember that shit?

[Louieville Sluggah]

True indeed...


Yo, when I wake up, I take a hit of the spliff

word up a lot of muthafuckas start they day like this

[Louieville Sluggah]

but they'll be no more smoke for me

pull up the Henny, so I can feel my bod drizzy

and max with my staff maintain and keep it nature

no chaser, straight up cause this shit is major

gotta page goin' off in range

sayin' bring my fuckin' whip back around the way


OK, now we out on the FDR

we both stoned out our minds, we probably won't get far

(chorus x 2)

I'm fallin'

I'm fallin'

I'm fallin'

Black Out's callin me


As I choke from the smoke, throat hot like a kitchen

eyes heavy from the rezi when the room kept spinnin'

in an instant, I could of swore I saw the Reaper

THE REZI MONSTER, stuttered and uttered "nice to meet ya"

grabbed me in the sleeper, he said "smoke on this"

he said "nigga, I got some shit for yo rezi spliff"

that's when he pulled the hash out, I maxed out ready to pass out

living evidence the rezi spliff make yaaa...


a sin like entities on an astroplane

crack the Bible, hit the chalice to uplift my brain

no strain, meditation helps me to maintain

(singing)"me only smokin' sensi, me no sniff cocaine"

so do what you do to remain, till we return a-gain

back on to blackness from which we came

[Illa Noyz]

my day starts with a yawn in the early morn, what

off to the weed spot to ease tension off my knot

twist up the choc-o-lot, and the Fronto to make the brainz blo

that's alright, 24-7 that's how we flow, just lettin' you know

even in blackness we activists, act as if yo ass won't get dissed

get busy like drizzy, act like drazy leave you Swayze

even in my state of blackness, I'll attack the wackest

nigga with fanatics or dramatics, you're done in

come with the shit, I bring the havoc

(chorus x 4)

I'm fallin'

I'm fallin'

I'm fallin'

Black Out's callin me

[BJ Swan]

fuckin with me dude, you gon' BLACK OUT

fuckin' wit' me, you gon' BLACK OUT

come around my way, you gon' BLACK OUT

out in LA they BLACK OUT

out in M-I-A they BLACK OUT

out in VA they BLACK OUT

Washington, D.C. they BLACK OUT

all over, they BLACK OUT


Cocoa B's will make ya...BLACK OUT

Tawl Sean will make ya...BLACK OUT

Ben Grimm will make ya...BLACK OUT

Everybody will make ya...BLACK OUT

The Boot Camp will make ya...BLACK OUT

Oh yeah baby...BLACK OUT

everybody gonna Black the fuck out

Yo, get yo fat humfy, steamy mound of turds off my muthafuckin' couch

Black the fuck out, man


get yo fat, stink, chubby ass the fuck up and stop...


Yo, blow his nostrils up, son. Hold Up Hold Up

[Black Out victim coughing hard]


look at the smoke all in his hair and shit...


look at the nigga, he about to DIE! look at that nigga Mark Brown,

fatso nigga's

blacked out


that's what happen when you Black Out, you wake up with your nostrils

on fire

and shit...BLACK OUT

black the fuck out, man




all the P.J. niggas and all the wannabe killas...Black Out

Black Out /

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