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The Wrecking Ft Mystic

I came, I saw, I kicked some ass

The pain I caused it makes me laugh

'Cause the way I do my thing is strange

I just inject myself into your veins

Can't run cant hide theres no way out

The sun will rise and its about

Time for the wreckoning

Time, time for this girl to sing

Damn if i thought that u would change and my life would stay the same

I went, You dont even care about me and no you dont give a damn

Things will come and things will go and one thing that I know fo sho

is that you dont give a damn about me and so Im walking out the door

oh yeah hmm..

Cant move cant breathe its getting dark

The beast has come to steal your heart

So you better practice your scream

Oh you may not live your dream

Things will will come and things will go

And one thing I know fo' sho is that

You dont give a damn about me and so

Im walking out the door

The wreckoning, the wreckoning, the wreckoning (Oh it's time)(2x)


Yo, I know you didn't think I'd let you slide forever

with that bullshit you be runnin' like whatever is whatever

You were fly in the beginnin' had the laugh of an angel

Now I wish you'd slide down a cliff, skin tangled

Just so you can feel the way you make me sick from all them lies

You told me to be my number one pick

And a busta now, I can't trusta

Now a some shadow of a man, I really hope you suffer

Cause you ain't right you were never true and I bet you miss me now

How's the dirty shade of blue?

And no one ever told you to watch nice girls

Every chic's got basic instincts even nice girls!

Pick your mouth above the flow but don't ever try to speak

When you see me in the club I try to hide him in

The Wrecking Ft Mystic /

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