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Freedom Now


Freedom now

Freedom songs

People want their freedom now

People need their freedom now

People want their freedom now

Freedom songs

People want their freedom now

Freedom now

Not like before not like that again

Where we will have to hide

To say what we believe

Not like before, Not like that again

Or then the end will justifies the means

We've been checking out our history

Most of what you told us was fuckery

I see your house sitting on sinking sand

I tell you so, so

What you gonna do

Where you gonna run

How you gonna feel

When your house melting down

What you gonna say

What's really on your mind

Truth and rights


Every heart that beats

Every heart that beats in Africa

Every soul that grooves

In third world countries

I think it is just mystical

Really, really radical

Them survive this economic mercenaries

It is so crucial, critical and crucial

We control our destiny

I tell you so so

Freedom Now /

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