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Whistles In The Wind

Featuring John Doe]

John Doe/ (Vex):



(John Doe, this sound like the Sho Shot)


?, that flow like the breeze

(Word Up)

(Hightower on the boards, knah what Im sayin, my man Mo)

(Yo, but, there is a lot of negativity flowing through hip-hop these


know what Im saying)

Got to kill the noise

(Brothas dont understand, they need to)

Check the whistles in the wind (repeated)


John Doe:

Release yo mind and slip with me between the crease of time

Cause peace of mind is the condition people cease to find

I be sublime, my composition is equally refined

I redefine a definition, read between the lines

The seeds of time produce the everlasting fruits of life

Confusing strife has got me moving on into the light

A youth in flight showing and proving how we do with mics

We rips at night sho nough improving grooving to precise

We knew the price to rule the mics and know we paying dues

They saying who those D-Low brothers who be slanging crews

Parlay with booze, and choose to snooze, its just a wicked tool

Defusing trinkets cause we link it with infinite jewels

You know the rules and keep it real if you posses the gift

Stop the slander propaganda like a sedative

Some mental states perpetuating all thats negative

I manifest and bless the gift, thats all I set it with


Walking down blank corridors

Weapons stored in the arsenal of the memory bank

My tongue is sharper than your shank

I rank high on intelligence and low intolerance

For your trife life and ignorant irrelevance

I swell against the system

Rebel against the walls of the lies, like wind-wind

Angels are at war in the skies, open the eyes of demons

And leave them hypnotized

More crises on the rise inside me

Live walk the path for to lightly and wildly, so stomp on past while I


Stars guide me, aquestrial (Say What?)

Celestial plains and back again

And blowing to and fro like whistles in the wind



If you would ever been wondering why

You see what you see on the dynamic screens of TV

Isnt the same as when you was a shorty believe me Im no expert

I was raised on Pac-Mac and Q-Bert but know I see Phycics Network

Sodom gains its power hourly

Transferring air perceptions of right living into your mental imagery

And soon the whole world follow so being so surprise

You find yourself on your knees one Sunday morning worshipping the


John Doe:

Lets get scholastic and evaluate the aptitude

Commercial tactics making rappers cause you actin rude

Your altitude has got you nothing to stand firm upon

I was among the magnitudes when night first turned to dawn

Jah blessed the light, address the sight, ignite my third eye

Insight my wisdom penetrating to your fur top ?

You know my essence, my presence bring forth new faith

I stand alone a battle on against the two faced

Babble on, I hold my own cause its rugged though

I be that diamond in the rough, see a nugget gold

I got no time to encourage your procrastination

They want my mind, assassinating my imagination

And thats a crime premeditated so through meditation

I write my rhymes incarcerated in my situation

My soul I find as I recline in the precipitation

I be sublime within, forever living like the whistles in the wind


Ha, ha

Transmit frequencies through my soul

To make vinyl and plastic turn platinum and gold

Not materialistic, but man these material

Check social security, and how they changing serial number to health


Thats sold by Clinton to your moms

The Armageddon

With rebel forces dropping bombs like first Psalms

A napalm on Vietnam

I dissipate electricity through my palm

The only man considered with a mic heavily armed

Peace to all my heads and the city of ?

Representing with John Doe and the Riders of The Storm


Youre keeping things warm

Little black male its on

Man Im feeling this song

Lets rock it on, and keep it on, and move it on

Now bust it right when I was on vacation

Like I put these thought in proper perspective

Now I got this main objective

And thats to be selective with all the words I choose

Cause garbage be on the airwaves, and videos too

Lost for words every time Im roaming the streets

I see to some buy Brahman record cause he has fat beats


And this dilemma sweeps the nation

See the joint entitled "And Then What," for further information

And it dont stop

To my man John Doe

Rock, rock on

To the Vex to Vortex

Rock, rock on

To my man John Doe

Rock, rock on

To the Vex to Vortex

Rock, rock on

These be whistles in the wind yall


Whistles In The Wind /

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