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This is a test

Of the Boogie Down Production

Prevention Against Sucka MC's

In the event of a real emergency

You would have been instructed

On which jams to play

And how loud to blast your radio

And now, a word from our sponsor

Verse One:

I'm from the Bronx, Blastmaster KRS-One

Provin that my job ain't done until I get some

More, no need to roar or yell

Cos I can still tell what will sell

And would have sold without yellin over a drum roll

That style is old, so unfold

Blossom, bloom, you got the room

So go ahead and consume

A new era, KRS-One comes better

Bite another lyric? Never

Cos I'm too clever, however

I own my own label

Partners with Scott LaRock, he's on the turntable

And partner Lee Smith

I'm exercising a true gift just to uplift

Hip-hop, hip-hop

My voice is like a monster

And now a word from our sponsor

Verse Two:

Two, three, four, five, sex, seven, eight, nine, ten

I gotta start this rhyme again

How many words can I find that rhyme

And still keep in mind every lyric must come out on time

Not many but I have plenty

Scott LaRock sent me just to devastate any-

One, any daughter, any son that comes my way

Hey, you got to go the other way

I represent my DJ Scott LaRock

D-Nice, the beat box

I only wear Nike's, not Adidas or Reeboks

Many people know me, yet I'm known by few

My name is KRS-One, son

Not two or three or four or five or six

The mix is on Scott LaRock and Scott LaRock is on the mix

Verse Three:

Cool like the air we breathe

Inhale, exhale, perpetrators will fail

As sure as my name is "Blastmaster KRS"

Sit and listen to the very essence of this tale

From the days of prison I have uprisen

To my family members I'm marked down as missin

Listen, circumstances put me right in the street

With the will to survive, get paid, eat, and sleep

Some weep, or should I rather say some cry

Can't get by so later on they die

Because the strong will survive

The weak will perish

Ignorance is a poison and knowledge will nourish

I love what I got and like what I had

I'm glad, not sad, and I don't even get mad

I get even, myself and some others I believe in

Cos these others are my brothas and perfection we're achievin

Yes, my name is KRS, my brother is a Rasta

Let me pause, and now a word from our sponsor

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