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Who Are The Pimps

Stick up!!!

All gwan put your hands up in de air

and turn around with your face to the ground

Stick up!!!

Here we go

Who are the pimps? Who are the pimps?

Wimps, sitting behind a desk

You only get a glimpse of the action or reaction

when you don't respond to them TAXING

You fuck a lot when you're tax exempt

Like with the church, the rules were somehow bent

The more money you make, the more money you can have

You lose your mind after a while trying to just

grab and grab and grab and grab and grab

until the pimps roll around real mad, what they say?

"Pick up that money hoe!"

You done all the work, but now a part of the show

You're a hoe, you pimped all around real fresh

Got letters on they chest spelling I, R, S

And they be taxing, asking, sitting back relaxing

Pimping asian, european, blacks and chicano

Hah hah! But they can't pimp a wino

Why? Because a wino don't want nuttin

It's when you try to get ahead they start frontin

Capitalism -- the system of pimps and hoes

I'm sorry that's the way it goes

In this particular system everyone's a slave

Racist is how they want us to behave

White Johnny, be fighting black Michael

Both are blind to the system's sick cycle

In a circle psychotically they slay each other

with a grin, because of color of a skin

"Pick up that money hoe!" (3X)

Now we don't want to get you all alarmed

A little education never did you no harm

When Africa's free the African will be free

Capitalism says we're ALL in slavery

They're not looking at the color of a human brother

April 15th they're looking at your mother!

"Pick up that money hoe!"

You work all week, and now your money has to go

to a pimp, and it's you that limp

They cut your check and take a tenth

Don't wanna hear no lip, about support of family

Cause on a piece of paper that's a fantasy

They don't care if you're in a bad mood

Your wife needs shoes, your kids need food

Uh-uh, pick up that money honey

The pimps so serious they're funny!

They'll look you straight into your face

and tell you that your money's going to a good place

Like Social Security or Welfare

But if you go to the Bahamas you'll see them all there

"Pick up that money hoe!" (4X

Who Are The Pimps /

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