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Super Hoe

Phone ringing]

Scott: Yo, Kris. I really knocked the boots on those two big-butt

females last night.

Kris: Jeeez!

Scott: Yeah, man. I'm on my way down to Latin Quarter to find two

more freaks...

Kris: Word...

[Super Sperm]

Chorus: repeat 2X

Scott LaRock had em all

He is the Super Hoe

[Super Sperm]

Verse One: KRS-One

Scott LaRock is for now the main topic

Not looking at his cuts or cash flow of the pocket

You may not realize it or you may not know

But, uh... (He is the Super Hoe)

When I say super I'm not exaggeratin

Datin for a guy like Scott turns into matin

He seems to be quiet but I don't buy it

Proof is in the puddin, why don't you just try it

The Super Hoe is loose in your section

And he's armed with a powerful erection

So grab your girl and run for protection

Your momma too, cause I like to mention


[Super Sperm] 4X

Verse Two: KRS-One

Whatever you could do or say inside a bed

Scott LaRock has done and most likely said

He doesn't argue with a girl cause yes, he has others

Keep updated on all kind of rubbers

Got ones that are lambskin, others that are plastic

One day he'll open a school for prophylactics

They don't know... (He is the Super Hoe)

Up in Rochester on DKX

WDKX, now DK-Sex

We were bein interviewed there live on air

Every girl in the city Scott had an affair

KM in the AM had asked his last question

But Scott LaRock said "Wait, I gotta mention

The fact that I'm single, I like to mingle"

And one more time bust the fresh jingle


[Super Sperm] 4X

Verse Three: KRS-One

In the field of music I'll always pass by

Girls that claim to act so fly

They always act like it's all about them or their friends

But according to Scott, they all like to bend

Yes, fly girls, shy girls, black girls, white girls

In eighty-seven it's got to be the right girl

If you claim to have a little problem

Well, Scott LaRock knows just how to solve em

If you're a guy a nine'll do the trick

But if you're a girl, you need some... flowers

I admit Scott has strange powers

Enticing girls in less than an hour

Or should I say minutes? I seen how he did it

He probably says "I'm Scott LaRock" and she's with it

So whether he's a gigolo, tramp, or pro... (He is the Super Hoe)

Now many people have their ways of expressin

what they do best, for Scott it's undressin

Yes, either a girl or some date for the night

He doesn't want to hear that you're too tight

So do not think that Scott LaRock is mean

It's not his fault, he'll give you Vaseline

The Super Hoe is loose in your area

Makin life for girls a little scarier

So if you got a radio tryin to tape this

Do not keep in mind that he is a rapist

For the Super Hoe to be chillin

Another female out there has to be willin

So all you tramps and hoes raise your hand

Cos Super Hoe Scott LaRock understands

If you're a guy we'll talk about hangin

And if you're a girl he'll talk about bangin

If your moms call up, well, I don't know

But uh... (He is the Super Hoe)


[Super Sperm] 8X

Chorus 3X

[Super sperm

Super Hoe /

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