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Ms. Melodie]

Extra extra read all about it!

KRS One's rhymes have been doubted

Suckers stepped up and got MURDERED!!

[KRS One]

Pump pump pom pom POING!

Yo this goes out to George Bush

Get off my... diggi diggi diggi dick diggi diggi diggi dick

Diggi diggi diggi dick... Margaret Thatcher

Get off my... diggi diggi diggi dick diggi diggi diggi dick

Diggi diggi diggi dick... Bensonhurst

Get off my... diggi-diggi-diggi-dick, diggi-diggi-diggi-dick

Diggi-diggi-diggi-dick... De Klerk

Get off my... diggi-diggi-diggi-dick, diggi-diggi-diggi-dick


It feels good to grab the mic and just allow yourself to chat

The master of the microphone is here and he's black

Recitin poetry, beautifully articulated

Demonstrated by the never faded strong facial feature

of the teacher, I am the teacher, you can check it

The styles they're doing, is from my old record

They bought my album, for $8.99

Studied the style, then wrote they own rhyme

I don't mind because I'm here to show

The lost MC's which way to go

So here's my rep, to those that slept

And didn't get the first concept in depth

I am the manifestation of study

NOT, the manifestation of money

Therefore I advance through thought

Not what's manufactured and bought

Concentration, and calculation

Goes into every song creation

The first and second album rocked you

Third album made you think and got through

Didn't you think I knew?

Number three, wasn't for the dance crew

But it gave me a chance to see

Who was REALLY down with BDP

I set the warm milk, in the glass

And the snakes came out the grass

They don't realize I'm not confined

Nor trapped by space and time

I am a rebel, an overthrower

Descendant of the black man Noah

Radio DJ's, all around

Constantly tell me how they are down

To uplift Africa and unite black

Yet they fronted when I dropped _Why Is That?_

It's a fact, I don't beg for juice, I just get loose

And demonstrate the truth

Many MC's can only rock the many

But I rock a few with my brother Kenny

>From twenty-thousand to ten I'm housin

African culture is what I'm arousin

In your consciousness, soul and body

Pay attention while I rock the party

Cause now I'm gonna show ya how the East Coast rocks

Bumpin sucker MC's out the box

Rockin the dreadlocks and the flattops

I like these ops, so I'll try not to stop, but drop

The new hip-hop, and get props

Scott La, Scott La, Scott La, Scott LaRock

Spins in heaven, while the earth I rock

MC's adopt, the styles I drop

They got no direction, they got no direction, they got no direction

So they wanna go pop

Chasin the charts up and down like suckers

Totally ignoring their sisters and brothers

They're the ones to say you're number one

Not chart position, so pick up the drum and hum

Sing along, it's a poetry session

Mathematically applied, no guessin

I'm fresh and dope and wild and wicked

get your ticket, come straight to the jam I'll rip it

Original lyrics, original lyrics, original lyrics, Kenny Parker on the


[Special K]

Yes yes I'm Special K

On New York's Two show on WBDP

This is the brand new one by KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions

And it's off the Edutainment LP

Wanna send a shout out to the BDP Posse

Of course to Teddy Ted, Nice and Smooth, D-Nice, D-Square

And my man Fish, Sidney Mills, Ms. Melodie, Willie D

And of course me... seeya

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