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_By All Means Necessary_

Written, produced, directed, by Blastmaster KRS-One

Mixed, by DJ Doc

And now.. it's TIME.. to GET {NERRRRRRRR-VOUS!}

BDP is in full and total effect

I'm gonna shout out a couple of names

We're gonna do it like this

DJ Doc.. Manager Moe.. Ms. Melodie.. I.C.U., McBoo


D-Nice.. Scott LaRock.. KRS-One, I think that's me

And you know what? I'm down with BDP


So right about this time

you should throw your hands up in the air

How many people got Nike's on?

If you got your Nike's on, put your feet up in the air

If you don't got Nike's on

I think you need to keep your feet down

Cause the party is live {NERRRRRRRR-VOUS!}

and we're in total stereo, yaknowhatI'msayin?

So all the suckers out there that wanna test

It's time to get {NERRRRRRRR-VOUS!}

And at this point, we gettin a little stupid

I'd like to say, DJ Doc is in the back chillin out

On the 48-track board without a doubt

Break it down Doc, like this! {NERRRRRRRR-VOUS!}

I'd like to give a shout out to who? Big Daddy Kane

Heavy D, and Eric B.

Melody, D-Square {NERRRRRRRR-VOUS!}

So just throw your hands in the air

Just throw your hands in the air

KRS-One is here without a care

And I don't have NO fears homeboy

So all the suckers out there that wanna test BDP

It's time to get {NERRRRRRRR-VOUS!}

Now, here's what we do on the 48-track board

We look around for the best possible break

And once we find it, we just BREAK..

.. or, we just BREAK {NERRRRRRRR-VOUS!}

There's two ways to do this, you see what I'm sayin?

If you feel the board, you feel around

We got tracks one to track 48

We find track seven, and break it down!


Okay.. this album has been funded

by the Blastmaster KRS-One Fund

Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah!

You know what? We're gettin {NERRRRRRRR-VOUS!}

Okay, we gon' play a little game, break it down Doc

Like this, or like THIS


You know what? I used to be a graffiti artist

I used to write KRS-One all over the place

All up in Soundview, in Brooklyn

Then when the cops come for you, ha ha hah

You just get {NERRRRRRRR-VOUS!}

And another thing:

me and my crew, we made hit records all over the place

but we left B-Boy Records

And you know what happened after that point?

Ha hah, they just got {NERRRRRRRR-VOUS

Nervous /

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