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Duck Down

You say ah-one for the trouble, two for the time

Ah-come on y'all, let's rock that...

Duck! Or wind up DOWN!!

Fiyah! Huh

Pal Joey in the house, D Square in the house

Check it out

You're stuck up, your luck's up, you fucked up, you're mud up

You can't even jump up, so shut the fuck up

Whattup? Tough love, buck buck bucka

is all you're gonna hear when KRS-One step up

I'm thick like syrup, no, I'm not ?Kura?

Sit back and relax and watch the KRS era

No I won't let up, because of how I'm set up

I come in the jam with the crazy fresh lyrics so you get up

MC's get wet up, they met up with atypical

subliminal, I'm original metaphysical Criminal Minder

Fighter, petty gangster that flips em neither

I simply grab the mic and make the party get liver

I'ma, rhymer, with a tim-er attack

to your mind, a reminder of what kind of headliner

you'll see, when you come to the show

BlastMaster KRS-One, Leo -- the Lion

Cryin MC's they be cryin

when they sizzle in a big pot grease beggin, "Please, please!"

But I'll be efficient and flexin wisdom cuisine

Then dismiss it as Kris and Kenny

Rockin many, good n plenty

Any MC tests me gets done

Lyrically hung, I surgically remove his tongue

Lyrics by KRS-One

DUCK! Sucker MC's DUCK!

BO! Duck down!

Sucker MC's duck!

DUCK! Sucker MC's Duck down!

I don't battle to lose or win, I battle

to ruin your whole career, yo, watch what you doin

I'm permanent punk, like a metallic marker

KRS-One, but you'll call me Mr. Parker

A pity I'm K-R, you ain't no superstar

ha ha hee hee, BlastMaster KRS-One be

ripping up MC's with their meaningless words, y'know

There's more wit, to one of my turds of shit

You ain't shit, you never was shit

So I spit, on your number one hit, now quit!

Leave the poetry, it's just too strong for thee

Maybe we should rethink the strategy see

Poetry I speak, fluently I think youse a sucker

cause the only word you know is motherfucker

Yo, you don't see a whole race in bondage

No, you grab the microphone and feed em garbage

Yo, everything about me is fresher than fresher

than fresher than fresh, of COURSE it's KRS

Flashing lyrics, metaphysics, unlike you idiots

be doing, I'm pursuing, chewing your whole crew

and what you feel like doin, your face they be ungluin

like a gift, don't step to KRS, you're dismissed!


Sucker MC's duck down!




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