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Bo! Bo! Bo!

Bo bo bo clack clack clack clack clack

Get your street knowledge every posse know that come again

Bo bo bo clack clack clack clack clack

The only way to deal with racism if you're black

Well, seven in the morning i woke up to jog

Rushed out the door to inhale the smog

As i ran, i began to wonder

Should i produce or should i tour this summer

Well just that second i heard stay where you are

Before i could stop i was hit by a cop car

I laid on the pavement like i was hurt

Then a redneck cop jumped out with a smirk

He said, ah boy you better watch where you run

As he poked my side with the barrel of his shotgun

I said officer man i ain't do nothin

He said what's that word you n----s use, ya frontin?

Well ya frontin, so why were you running down the street?

At this time i had stood to my feet and said wait a minute

And that's when he did it, he hit me in the face with his gun i wasn't

With it so

On the ground was a bottle of snapple, i broke the bottle in his fucking

Adam's apple

As he fell his partner called for backup well, i had the shotgun and

Began to act up with that


Well i threw down the gun and began to run

I got back in no time and loaded the nine

First i took two clips and then i took two more

I was out the window cause by now they were right at my door

I took three shots and then i laid

They rushed in shooting so i threw a quick grenade

It went boom like a supernova

Badges arms heads legs cops were all over

I jumped out the fire escape down to the street and i started to run you

Know i couldn't feel my feet, i was weak, i said to myself holy shit!

My shirt had filled with blood i didn't know i got hit but there's no

Time to stop no time to explain man i'm in too deep with this everyday

Ghetto pain

Black men are judged by their clothes

Black women are looked at as hoes

So i as one of these uppity n----s

Can only rely on the sound of a trigga going


Well i staggered down the street to an old bookstore

Called the tree of life (yo d it ain't there no more)

But when it was boy i was lucky

Cause in the basement is where they stuck me

When i awoke at the 14th hour

Three black women had gave me a quick shower

I stayed a while and escaped in a truck

Driven by two guys, rakim and chuck

What the fuck i asked as i laid there how many guys do you drive a day

There? chuck said many, rakim said plenty it's an everyday thing when

You're willing to sing a song...


Peace and love to dj scott larock he's in there still!

Bo! Bo! Bo! /

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