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I remember at school there was always some fool

Teaching us about the past

Pictures of kids, starving, eating out of bins

Man we all had to laugh

It's hard to believe we were told with relief

It couldn't happen now of course

It's easy to expound with your head in the ground

I've since learnt that and more

What is there to do i'm allright so are you

But outside there are tb streets

You can cry a lot say oh! my god!'

But as an action it is incomplete

Put money in the hands of those who understand

Give shelter of the roofless heads

It's hard to deny when you open your eyes

And listen to yourself instead

And you'll think you've gone crazy

But you hope it will pass

It's a sickening feeling maybe it won't last

It shouldn't be happening at this point in time

With these houses standing empty

Shelter /

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