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Reaching Out From Here

It's not that i am different

It's not that you have changed

This place has done its damage, it's so hard to explain

The sky it bends my back, my crooked shape remains

The gravity's much stronger and nothing here has ever changed

And it looks like another rainy day

Sittin' here lonely by my window, waitin'

For you to come home

I never wanted anything but you alone

But i miss the place that i love,

It's not good enough by phone

This does not feel like home my friends are far away

I get up in the morning and i wait for you all day

But you think it's alright

And they think it's alright

So i guess it's alright too

But i can't stand this place,

I've tried so hard believe me to settle here

Just to have you near, whisper in my ear

That it's gonna be alright

And you're gonna be alright

So i can be alright too

Reaching Out From Here /

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