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Fortunate Sons

You're pretty and you know it

You're stupid and you show it

If there's a soul behind your face at all

I'm struggling to see it

Now smile for the camera

You've got what they're after

Yes it's all you wanted

But it's that has suffer to suffer this

The best clubs in london you'll always

Be around them

But drinkin' ain't livin' and

Drinkin' ain't givin'

Nah drinkin's just drinkin's just drinkin'

My sister's father had a wife

Whose husband had a father

Who taught me how to live

But died all alone

And i wish that i was with him

I could tell him all the things that he's missed

And all the things that you think

When you think that you're alone

But, man, you can't see what's going on

At the minute you can do nothing wrong

Yes you are a fortunate son

But you won't fool the kids for long

Fortunate Sons /

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