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Song From The Blue Room

I've tried so damn hard to convince her

But my plea's in vain

I still feel the same as i did

Could you call her, maybe tell her

It might sound right from you

I don't know what else to do

Would you try?

Now we're older, things are stranger

Then they've ever been

Now i'm scared of death

For the first time

All my friends say i look better

But my health is gone

Smoking far too much

All the time

Take your future in your own hands

Don't rush, take your time

Look around and find

Your friends

Come together, love each other

Spit on those who say

This is not the way

Let them die

And whgat goes up must come down

So i can't talk right now

And maybe it's easy to believe

That once once in your life, once your life

You'll find the love that you have always had

Realise that before you knew nothing at all

Boo Radleys

Song From The Blue Room / Boo Radleys

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