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What Everybody Knows

I know you're wond'rin

What this is all about

Candles and champagne

Dinner is all laid out

I wanted this night

To be perfect for you

It's gotta be right

For what i'm gonna do

So baby sit down

And open your heart to me

*Girl its time you knew

What everybody knows

To say the words i feel

And tell you what is real

And let my feelings show

The whole world knows its true


Baby look at me, and in my eyes you'll see

What every body knows...

It seems like a life time

Since I met you..

And from the first moment

Deep in my heart i knew

That someday i'll be

Where i'm standing today

Touching your body

Kissing your face

Holding a dream

That's finally coming true

Repeat *

What Everybody Knows /

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