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Im The Urban Spaceman

I'm the urban spaceman baby, I've got speed

I've got everything I need

I'm the urban spaceman baby, I can fly

I'm a supersonic guy

I don't need pleasure

I don't feel pain

If you were to knock me down

I'd just get up again

I'm the urban spaceman babe and

I'm making out

I'm all about

I wake up every morning

with a smile upon my face

My natural exuberance

spills out all over the place

I'm the urban spaceman

I'm intelligent and clean

Know what I mean?

I'm the urban spaceman, as a lover second to none

It's a lot of fun

I never let my friends down

I've never made a boob

I'm a glossy magazine

an advert in the tube

I'm the urban spaceman babe, but here comes the twist

I don't exist

Bonzo Dog Band

Im The Urban Spaceman / Bonzo Dog Band

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