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We Are Normal


We are (ar ar ar ar ar...)


We are...

And, uh, here come some normals...

they look like normal... Hawaiians.

Well, uh, you didn't mention what month.

You think you're normal?

Yes, quite normal.

OK, here comes one.

Go inside! (tee hee hee)

Well it's, ah, it's not for me to deter really, is it? I mean

it's for a psychiatrist to deter these things, isn't it?

I like dehre food, and dey arr veddy nice people.

Ooh, itsalright, innit?

That a face?

Smart. It's your backside.

Oh, they're just typically normal.

No! This is not manly!

Well, it is unusual. Well, it's like a rabbit! He's got a head on him like a rabbit!

I don't know, it's just not like normal people do.

You're not runnin' around in your underpants are you?

We are normal and we want our freedom

We are normal and we want our freedom

Wir sind gewhnlich, wir sind zufrieden

We are normal and we dig Bert Weedon, ha ha!

We are normal and we want

Our freedom

Our freedom




We are normal and we want our freedom!

Bonzo Dog Band

We Are Normal / Bonzo Dog Band

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