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Fresh Wound

It'll only take a minute of your time

To tell you I love you

Oh, you shouldn't be such a tease

Oh, oh woah

Oh, oh woah

Every time I look into your eyes

I know that I love you

Oh I'm beggin' on bended knees

Ooh, oh woah

Ooh, oh woah

Girl, when I see you tonight

Oh, I'm gonna make you mine

Girl, when I see you tonight

Everything'll be fi- HINE!!

C'mon George, snap out of it

Yes, if you'll just give me a minute of your time,

I will explain!

Truth is just a word and words are just

Words are words but truth is what we trust

How can we know if words fill our brains?

How can we show if blood fills our veins?

Truth in words is like our blood congealed

Words like turds escape but truth is sealed


Transplant has gone wrong


Now you don't belong

I'm like a fresh wound over you

Over you

So meet me on the corner of your life

Meet me on the corner of your life ah!

Meet me on the corner of your life!

Baby baby baby baby oh baby!

Baaaaybeee, baby, baby oh baby!

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, oh, rabbit on me now!

All over me!

All over me now!

Take it home!

Take it all! I want it all!

Oh, right in the kidneys, baby!

C'mon, I know you can bring it on home

Bonzo Dog Band

Fresh Wound / Bonzo Dog Band

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