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Rawlinson End

It is almost three years since Madge and Bobby Rawlinson pulled up roots and were arrested by the parks department. (The mandrakes screamed!)

Jeremy Sphincter has sailed for Australia after the poultry scare. (We won't mention HIM again.)

Old Mr. Trilonious stays on at the farm, now a broken man and an incurable alcoholic. Apart from his regular visits to the village shop for a couple of tins of "Ready Rub", he hardly goes out at all. And diverts his remaining years to breeding those beautiful guppies for which he is so rightly famous.

Sandra... smells.

Randy has turned in on himself - no mean feat for a forty stone man!

(And after all, he is still married to Sharon, and is only Paulette's father by the skin of his teeth!)

Poor Rosemary has her hands full at Rawlinson End, trying to bring up Timothy and Leticia, now at that difficult age when they start ...asking questions... and wanking.



Bonzo Dog Band

Rawlinson End / Bonzo Dog Band

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