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Whenever You Need Me

Can't wait until I'm in your arms

Your kiss sets me on fire

I've never felt so alive

Come on and take me higher

I don't know what it is that makes

Me feel the way I do

But - you're the one that's always

Been on my mind

Abd I'll be there when you want me to

-Chorus 1:

Whenever you need me

I'll come running

Whenever you want me

Only I will be there

Whenewer you need me

For the good times and bad

Anytime, anywhere

I don't care I will be there

I'm the one you're with tonight

This love will never die

Just one touch drives me insane

It makes me want to cry

I'm feeling hot inside and I can't

Control the way I feel

But - I keep you up

Whenever you are feeling down

And I hope you'll

Always want me around

-Chorus 2:

Whenever you need me

To be your lover

Whenever you want me

Just one call I'll be there

Whenever you need me

I'll be the best you've ever had

Anytime, anywhere,

I don't care I will be there

Whatever you want me to

Whenever you ...

Chorus 1:

Chorus 2

Whenever You Need Me /

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