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The Closer You Get

(chris rea)

Producers for bonnie: hugh murphy/ ronnie scott/ steve wolfe

The street lights start to come on

I know that it's time

Stop what you're doin'

Meet those drinkin' friends of mine

First guy that called me on the telephone

Said get on down but i'm stayin' at home

Now i believe in love

I believe that it's true

That i'm defenseless

When i'm lookin' at you

Sleepy eyes on an angel's face

Don't worry, baby

No one's gonna take your place

*the closer you get the better you look

Throw me a line

The closer you get the more that i see

We'll sure have a good time

Now i know what you're thinkin'

How do i feel

Well there's no rules in my book

Said the closer you get

Oh the better you took

Keepin' one foot on the showroom

One on the side

I've had some close ones

But i'm doin' all right

There's gold on his fingers

It don't mean a thing

He'll do his best

To hear this sweet lady sing

I've got the time if you got the place

We've got the know how

If you got the space

We've got the power, we've got no shame

Come over, baby

Sure do wanna light your flame, you know

* repeat

The Closer You Get /

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