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Love Is In Love Again

Ooh run away lucky

while you still know the way

If you're lookin' for your chance

For one good payday

Do you really think

You've got a ghost of a chance

It's the coldest of towns

To be lookin' for romance

Ooh run away baby

You're too young to see

The way it's goin' down

On the city streets

When trouble comes around

There is no mystery

You're runnin' from it all

So you better run now

Love is in pieces

Put it back together now

It's supposed to ba casy

But it's so so mad

All the things we say

When the world's gone crazy

It's so hard to handle

Sooner or later it'll all come clearer

When love is in love again

Ooh pictures in the paper

Of the faces you've seen

Walking down the halls

Where justice is done

What they say they say

Is not what they mean

A different set of rules

Than are meant for you and me

Everybody's looking for

An casier way so go go go

Everybody running

From a shadow today

But they run so slow

Love Is In Love Again /

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