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Hide Your Heart

(desmond child/paul stanley/holly knight)

Producer for bonnie: desmond child

Johnny saw her ridin' on a streetcar named "desire"

His fate was sealed

She could see him comin' like a hundred other liars

It was no big deal

Rosa had a lover on the shady side of town

Tito, he was king op the streets

She was his possession like a jewel on his crown

Johnny better run, better run....

Better hide your heart

Better hold on tight

Better say your prayers

Cause there's trouble tonight

When pride and love battle with desire

Better hide your heart

Cause you're playin' with fire

Ah, ah, ah, ah/ hey, hey, hey/do, do, do, do...

The ride was over but the story doesn't end

He took her heart

She looked him in the eye

And said they couldn't meet again

You could see the trouble start

The word went out that rosa's messin' with someone

It was on the street

Tito looked for johnny with a vengeance and a gun

Johnny better run, better run...

Johnny's holdin' rosa on a rooftop in the night

As time stood still

They couldn't hear him comin'

Till he had them both in sight

You could feel the chill

A shot rang out like thunder

And the blood was on her hands

With nothing won

When someone lies there dyin'

Lovers finally understand....

Hide Your Heart /

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