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Getting Do Excited

Alan Gruner)

The room's all set and the door bell is ringing

The first to arrive switch their dails to swinging

The lights are dim to match the conversation

Strangers grin that stoned expression

He looks so cool says a girl with a giggle

His hankerchief bulge slipping from the middle

Strokes his chin as his eyes refocus

Tonight's vctim smiles back

He's getting so excited

They're revving it up

He's getting so excited


The music's dark begins to get blacker

People start to move towards each other

Some hold back some peel off the layers

The atsomphere erupts with the drunken liberators

Walls flare up with animated shadows

As dancers jump like emancipated jackals

It won't be long till the first couple's cliche

She turns to him to say

"I'd do anything for love, but I won't do that!"

Sh's gettin so excited

They're thrashing it up

She's getting so excited


The smoke mist clears to reveal drunken Jimmy

Whose just turned up, seen his woman getting friendly

With a charmer boy in a second-hand leather

Lights go green there's gonna be danger

With two great strides there's a push and scuffle

You can't make out through the naked muscle

A highpitched scream a broken bottle

A ribbon of blood on the floor

They're getting so excited

But I want some more

They're getting so excited

Down on the floor

They're getting so excited

Excited, excited, excited

They're gettin gso excited

But I'm getting bored, I'm just gettin bored ... continue and fade

Getting Do Excited /

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