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All We Have Is Tonight

(steve benson)

Producer for bonnie: steve benson

There's a chance that we can make it

There's a chance to make it right

Words cannot express my love

On this endless night

We're just one step from heaven

One step from paradise

Memories are made of this

Don't tell me no lies

Give me one good reason

If you don't want my love

Everybody needs some love

And i think i've got enough

*all we have is tonight

Don't throw away this miracle

We are sparkling bright

You gotta let me feel the thrill

You're only one playin' the game

The loser's gonna fall

Try if you want to, try if you dare

Winners take it all

Baby, can't you hear my heartbeat

I'm lookin' through the eyes of love

Heaven just can wait a while

One night is not enough

We could he so good together

We can make it on our own

There must be a way, my love

Don't ride this wave alone

Lost between two fires

The night meets the day

Fighting for my hungry heart

Love is here to stay

(* repeat)

All We Have Is Tonight /

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