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Бонни Рэйтт Бонни Рэйттпевица, гитарист, композитор.

One Belief Away

Last night I thought I found you

I saw it in a dream

I was tangled in the rushes, baby

You were caught up in the stream

And the more I tried to reach you

The more you slipped away

And when I woke up in the darkness

I was callin' out your name


You and we dance around it

Why is the truth so hard to say

We long for true love, well

We've found it, it's just

One Belief Away

There's a shadow in the garden

And it's coiled around our hearts

Won't you help me to believe you, baby

Won't you show me where to start

The more I try to reach you

The more you slip away

I want to wake up in the darkness

and hear you callin' out my name


Бонни Рэйтт

One Belief Away / Бонни Рэйтт

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