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Бонни Рэйтт Бонни Рэйттпевица, гитарист, композитор.

I Know

I know you don't love me no more;

No, no more; and i don't

(don't) wanna be hurted any more,

Any more; yeah, yeah,

I've loved so hard,

Everything i did was no joy; if i can't

Love you right, baby,

I don't have to love you at all

I know you don't want me no more, no more

No, no more

And it had to be someone loving you more

Lovin' you more

Ain't no use in me cryin' now all because you have put me down

If you don't want me no more baby,

Ain't no use in me hanging around.

Бонни Рэйтт

I Know / Бонни Рэйтт

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