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Бонни Рэйтт Бонни Рэйттпевица, гитарист, композитор.

Cool, Clear Water

I want to feel my earth turn over,baby

In this hardened winter ground

Feel my earth turn over, darlin'

Till' i'm rootless and unbound

I want to feel my body tremble

When there's no one else around

Just this cool, clear water runnin'

In this love that i've found

Hey baby

See how it can be

Every time you reveal yourself tome

I'll come runnin'

I want to feel myself go under,baby

Where the deepest river bleeds

I want to feel it pull me under,darlin'

Until it drops me to my knees

I want to know that i can findyou

When there's no more eyes tosee

In this cool, clear water runnin'

You'll come runnin' to me

Hey baby

All my life i have known there'ssomething more

A love to blind me like the sun

Deep in dreams, i will wash upon your shore

Now i know that you're the one

When i feelmy babycallin'

It's like awhisper inand whenthe softestrain is fallin', darlin'

I will crumble in your hand

And when all that's left is wonder

And no need to understand

Well this cool, clear waterrunnin'

Will be all that i am...

Бонни Рэйтт

Cool, Clear Water / Бонни Рэйтт

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