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I don't regret it

Hey you can bet it

Boy you got me

Where I want to be

I can't deny it

'cause once I tried it

I'm in love boy

It's something I can't hide



Took me by surprise

Make me feel right,feel alive

When I'm by your side

Baby lovestruck,lovestruck

Fill my life with joy

With good times,fun times

You bring me to ecstasy

(bring me to ecstasy)

Can't shake the feeling

You've got me reeling

With a fever boy

A breakthrough to my soul

To strong to fight it

It's loves reaction in amotion

Two hearts become one


I feel electricfied

Makes me feel good,feel loved

Looking in your eyes

Uuh lovestruck,lovestruck

It's so good to be true

With these good times,fun time

You make me come alive

I cherish the moment

That we spend together

Twentyfour hours a day

Memories that thrill me

Living through your heartbeat

I'll never ever be the same

(Repeat Chorus)


Lovestruck /

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