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bonita and starr is back and we are ready to

attack so get out my face before I smack you

hoe don't you know cause if you mess with me we'll take


If you want beef I'll be your butcher ...

Nigga please if you want to get me if you ain't got no chesse I rock

the ice get a new outfit once or twice.

Starr to the H ya'll want to be like me

I pass the mic to Bonita Because shes my G

Cause I'm The

#1 nigga all time jigga I'll hit you from the front and

hope I don't spilt ya cause I'll be gettin with no skeo's cause

they all up after my dough cause they be seein' me on MTV&BET

rockin my show they be wishin there a ficka ficka cowboy but the realy a

picka picka cowboy let me hit you with the real toy

the microphone Starr and Bonita at your throne

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