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Foolish Charade

I think we should stop this charade

This is just a stupid parade

I don’t love you and you don’t want me

We must break up immediately

I don’t see the things that you need

I don’t have the same extent of greed

I don’t have the things you want in a man

I don’t feel emotions you understand

When it was the early days, we used to have such fun

Now it is just tedious, I know you’re not the one

Why is it that you are still with me?

Have I not stated it clearly?

We have reached the end of the line

You and me, we’ve run out of time.

I don’t see the reasons that you stay

We don’t even get on anyway

Everything you do is evil and cruel

You just want to make me look like a fool

And I know that at the start we used to have such fun

But since then you’ve been a bitch and now your course has run

Do what you wanna do

I just want shot of you

And if you run away

It’ll be a happy day

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