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Ma Baker

Freeze! I'm Ma baker - put your hands in the air,

Gimme all your money

This is the story of Ma baker, the meanest cat

From ol' Chicago town

She was the meanest cat

In old Chicago town

She was really moved them down

She had no heart at all

No no no herat at all

She was the meanest cat

Oh she was realy tough

She left her husband flat

He wasn't tough enough

She took her boys along

'Cause they were mean and strong


Ma Ma Ma Ma - Ma Baker - she taught her four sons

Ma Ma Ma Ma - Ma Baker - to handle their guns

Ma Ma Ma Ma - Ma Baker - she never could cry

Ma Ma Ma Ma - Ma Baker - but she knew how to die

They left a trail of crime

Across the U.S.A

And when one boy was killed

She realy made them pay

She had no heart at all

No no no heart at all


She met a man she liked

She thought she'd stay with him

One day he formed with them

They did away with him

She didn't care at all

Just didn't care at all

Here is special bulletin. Ma Baker is the FBI's most wanted woman.

Her photo is hanging on every post office wall. If you have any

Information about this woman please contact your nearst police


Don't anybody move! The money or lives!

One day they robbed a bank

It was their last hooray

The cops appeared too soon

They could't get away

And all the loot they had

It made them mighty mad

And so they shot it out

Ma Baker and her sons

They didn't waant to hang

They died with blazing guns

And so the story ends

Of one who left no friends

(chorus) x2

Boney M

Ma Baker / Boney M

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