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The Points

[Notorious B.I.G]

I went from construction Timbs, to Ac's with rims

Flippin mix tapes - to bitches feedin me grapes

Peep my mind state, Big Poppa flow is lethal

That weed wanna make my ass wanna kill four people

Fuck the game, gimme the chain and the Range

My niggaz up to par, drop-top Jaguars

Lock on you when you step in the car

Lock-whole you when you step in the car

That's the superstar status apparatus, more wins than Cassius

Cease roll the hashes in the pocket with the 9

Roll up the whole dime, as my seats recline

I want a presidential Roley, so I crush MC's to guacamole

Makin Robin scream, "holy moley"

Big Poppa, fuck a cape I'm that Paper Crusader

Playin Sega in the wide body Blazer


I shot dice with a preacher and drank yak with a pastor

So I see myself and I know, my own lord and master

When your ass was born it was all on the own and

When it's time to die you'll be all alone so

Open up your mind, ball up your knuckle bone and

start takin care of your own, nigga

Everybody's schemin with the nature of a sinner

So I look inside myself to gather strength from the inner

I gots to fight back against the powers that be

Cause the powers that be be, tryin to fight me

Standin at the crossroad but I wasn't by myself

Some take the right and, some take the left

But lo and behold, what do I see?

In the distance, some resistance



It's that Funkadelic, funk Doctor Spock impale it

Fuck the vest niggaz better start puttin on helmets

I roam the streets where there's no peace, relax

Funk comin in stacks, bullets comin from gats

So I duck,

The Points /

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