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What Abot Us

[Chorus 2x]

(What about us?) What about my niggaz still out on the street?

(What about us?) What about my partners doin' time?

(What about us?) What about this arresting from the police?

(What about us?) What about my young thugs cry?


Its for my, incarcerated niggaz

That stuck in the pin they coming home

Gotta stay strong cause you aint alone

Remember you always got love from home

They steal this pain and may not know it

I'm a boy and I gotta show it

I hear them cries from the babies

I wish they had a chance don't wanna blow it

But unemployed for all the little girls and boys

You got'sa, love your mom and daddy

And make them wonder why you give them ploys

Oh boy, its getting deep but more expensive then ever cheap

But what about that little nigga running the streets

Making a living through his beats

What about these whack ass politicians

They don't care if we live or die

What about that elderly barely breathing, gotta survive on SSI

They say America, it's the land of the free and home of the brave

Its mass hysteria, so bring your knees and hope we can fight

And if bury us, at least we can live as we believe

Dog aint ever gonna break our pride

Aint nothing you can do to keep us weak

And all of my soldiers come together

Get on your feet and get ready to bust

What about this war against terrorism (fuck that)

And what about this war against us



What about them thugs that's dead and gone

What about them thugs that aint even grown

What about them thugs that out here lost

And aint ever gonna find their way home

Suspicion got you furious, so grab your shit and listen up

Its violence and violence, it's the only way th

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

What Abot Us / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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