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Hook It Up


Woke up this mornin' fifty-five past six

Eazy-muthafuckin-E with tha hard ass dick

Nigga plottin', ahhhh

Nigga schemin'so don't wake me bitch cuz i'm dreamin

1-8-7s on bitches in my head, nigga up snorin' like fuck, sleep in fear

Cock my nine, and i'm out the window

Drunk as fuck and high off that indo

Nigga E, C-P-T, the O.G.

And i really don't think u wanna fuck with me

Nigga walkin half up with nine in hand

I gives a mad fuck but they don't understand

I wet 'em up, wet 'em up, wet 'em up

Now back to the mutha fuckin set, creepin crawlin crawlin creepin

Don't get caught sleepin


Sleepwalkin stalkin runnin with the guage up under this murderous spell now

Consider me hellbound, crossin my path, i'ma drop this 12-guage shell down

On the road to destruction, guage eruption, creepin so i'm cautious

Catch a nigga sleep, six feet deep

and scopin out peepin cause ya be makin me nauseous

Deeper than a ocean man, hitttin you with this potion man

Death runnin up from the left, Bang!

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Hook It Up / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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