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 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Bone Thugs-N-Harmony хип-хоп группа

How Many Of Us Have Them


Fuck 'em, let the law end, 'cause we simply get the raw end.

Coffins open, dump 'em all in.


Nine millimeters, three-eighty's, you're feelin' me kill 'em, 'cause I

go with plenty artillery, cover your shit, there'll be gauges and

uzis. Let us begin with bullets, (can't none of they) break out the

niggas from prison and let 'em come with us--retaliation. We

come and blast 'em with leather masks on. Let loose.


You need beware when your rollin' down the Clair. These niggas is

killas, try to feel us thuggish ruggish niggas from

Cleveland. We steadily creepin' on ya, and you better believe that we

bring that pap-pap to your doorstep, ho-check, you

don't wanna fuck with Bone. Let loose.


Nigga, bulletproof, if a muthafucka pull it, then he better shoot.

Nigga never no 9-1-1 to your rescue, never repsect you,

blowin' your chest through. Labelled as a menace, but I'm feelin' (?)

and I'm in it to the finish, better check my manuscript.

Killa, for realer, drugdealer, little nigga, cap peeler, bailin'

through the Land equipped. When I grips the grip, pump, shot it,

shot it, jump off in my hottie. Nigga lodi dodi, rollin' through your

party, fin to show you this Mo Thug bomber, yeah.


When I storm my cause up outta (?), get me, badge. War anytime I (?).

Come with the war, then you're gonna get yours,

expect the four, nigga bring your (?), and don't you (?) and I finish

you with it or you would missed it. On the hit list, couldn't

resist it, nigga, you risk it, here to stick with it. To the po-po,

you-know-who don't roll in a sixty-fo' Impala go, lurk, better

searchin' all the do

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

How Many Of Us Have Them / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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