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Cleaveland Is The City


Ooooh, oooo, cleveland

oh yeah

Bone Thugs sing wit me yeah


Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks


[Chorus overlappin hook]

Cleveland is the city that we come from

Cleveland is the city- City that we come from

Cleveland is the city that we come from

Cleveland is the city- City that we come from

[Verse 1: Krayzie]

Nigga wuz born and brought up in Cleveland

Cool quiet just like my daddy

When I wuz thuggin out in the alley

With my boys in a stolen Caddie

I wuz shootin the pree blowin some weed

And every now and then I sip some Hennesey

And after my niggas wuz bustin we probably wuz lookin for trouble

Uh Oh here come the po po

Yall better toss that llello quick and tuck ya bankroll

Don't think I forgot where I come from dog cuz I know

Cleveland Ohio fo sho where we slang dope in the slo

[Verse 2: Wish]

I'm from the streets the streets of Cleveland

Its manditory you need it cuz niggas'll catch ya slippin

and niggas'll leave ya bleedinBone Thugs

Fuck what they said about Bone catch us anywhere

Grab a couple of my St. Claire niggas take us anywhere

We don't careBone Thugs

Handle that and take care of that

If it goes like that then it goes like that

It's Cleveland [Cleveland]

Its manditory to leave these niggas bleedin [bleedin]

And you could neva hate against Bone you wrong

U know we brung it on so strong

[Verse 3: Layzie]

We get em, split em, we hit em

And Bone been the shit since I could remember

Befo most of these niggas even thought about rap

We wuz screamin out no surrenderBone Thugs

With a gat in the hand runnin wild in the land

With a pocket f

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Cleaveland Is The City / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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