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Let The Law End


Fuck 'em, let the law end, 'cause we simply get the raw end.

Coffins open, dump 'em all in.


Nine millimeters, three-eighty's, you're feelin' me kill 'em, 'cause i go with plenty artillery, cover your shit, it be gauges and uzis. let us begin with bullets, (can't none of they) break ou

Niggas from prison and let 'em come with us--retaliation. we come and blast 'em with leather masks on. let loose.


Nigga, beware when your rollin' down the clair. these niggas is killas that are fearless thuggish ruggish niggas from cleveland. we steadily creepin' on ya, and you better believe that we brin

T pap-pap to your doorstep, ho-check, you don't wanna fuck with bone. let loose.


Nigga, bulletproof, if a muthafucka pull it, then he better shoot. nigga never no 9-1-1 to your rescue, never respect you, blowin' your chest through. labelled as a menace, but i'm still it, y

Nd i'm in it to the finish. better check my manuscript: killa, for realer, drugdealer, little nigga, cap peeler. bailin' through the land equipped with a pistol grip pump shotty, shotty. jump

F in my hottie. nigga lodi dodi, rollin' through your party, fin to show you this mo thug bomber, yeah.


When i storm my cause up outta (?), get me, badge. war anytime i (?). come with the war, nigga gonna get yours, expect the four, nigga bring your (chrome), and don't you start and not finish. y

Th it or you against it? on the hit list, couldn't resist it, nigga, you risk it, here to stick with it. to the po-po, you-know-who don't roll in a sixty-fo' impala. go look, better search, a

T the door, runnin' 'til i (found mexico). go, nigga, bizzy bone, the story how a warrior went down. thug, little rip gets so sadistic it's story of . . .


Killin' for my niggas (steady got up in the pen, depend on me, let 'em leave. well, we better flee), set 'em all free. give up? they can't. nigga, follow me, bailin' all the way to a thugsta

Reet, and when our niggas really get to poppin' at the cops, you'll be lookin' at a hell of a war. muthafucka done rocked the boat. now a nigga fin to even the score, nigga took too much [took

Much] no surrender, no you're never gonna catch me, never gonna catch me, catch me. i'll keep runnin', i'll keep runnin' for my life, and duckin' bullets. why you tryin' to ruin me? 'quick it

E cop, but the quicker my niggas'll pull up and drop ya. we shot ya. we shot ya. hey, my niggas boxed ya.


My nigga, we all in together in position for the maulin', (black gat, there's headlights) ahead of me, keep me raw, and fuck it, let the law end, open the coffin, top locked, let the body fall i

Uit doggin' all the juice, runnin' loose for my crew. oh, what i'm gonna do? take a bite of the forbidden fruit and (never seen us) shoot. it could be the 187 on you. flesh-n-bone got the ch

And it's on, for the next that get wrong. (catch my tec), and it's on, ain't about disrespect, you sleep with the rest. don't even expect, 'cause you ain't goin' home. who's next? bring it

Hoever wanna flex, think it no thang for me get with you, all up in your shit, quick when i split up your wig, your brain gon' hang.


Fuck 'em, let the law end, 'cause we simply get the raw end.

Coffins open, dump 'em all in.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Let The Law End / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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