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If I Could Teach The World

if i could teach the world


Why do i stay high (x9)


If i could teach the world (whole wide world)

To be a thug-n-harmony (harmony)

Then i would teach the world(whole wide world)

To be a thugsta just like me (like me)



How many mo days on this old earth can you see

Its acrime to me

So we should get ready for armegeddon

Cause i know gods should be ready to roll

Through all of the wicked shit mr. police man

And duck if you want to pump ya fist in tha air

And pray for the politicians freely

Get aman, the last dayez of the last day


Thats why i get high

Thats why i get high

Im holdin' onto my soul

But nobody knows when it all unfolds

Then when i know i go

Remeber the dayez cause all i got

I got on my own with bone

Bone bone thuggin runnin through yo door

Hoes speakin of the last day its on with the plastic trial

What do yo know but i cant go wrong

When i ????

I turn it on

Cause you know that thuggish ruggish bone bone bone

Crossroads what rules the world we almost lost those

Who meant so much why wasnt i chose

But it will not stop bone

Those shots won't drop bone


If i could teach the world to be a thug like me

They'd probly be thuggin in heavn eternally


Every day the world goes round and round

I see its a small world after all

Cause i can go met n agree with my fans

Smoke a little weed and have a little laugh at chall

But evry now n then i get caught up in a playa hation

Lord whats wrong with this nation, ersae em

But if i could teach the world to be a thug just like me

You could live your lifestyle worry free

In the arms of the lord eternally

No mystery, but check the essence of his story

The warrior wasteland warrior

So true, divine,its mine,east 1999

Its where ya find all of my kind, all the time



We stand when united, but fall if divided

My thugs is the tightest, cuz god is our guide

And they only define us as killaz and fightes

Cuz the critics n writers

Backstab when they typin up our story

The wannabe warrior thats for shore

And as thugs were more n more


I got, we got

Too much shit to give, got shit to give

Exspensive but still and still its all for the little kids

Come on ohhhh

Follow me , way to go, we know the way to go

Follow me follow me bone

And thats why i stay high

Cause i got shit to deal with

The government and these playa-hataz

Out to kill wi$h wanna hurt this

But uhuh i got two mo thug niggaz

You just cant fuck with

Artillery you can come with

Nigga betta let it rest shit

To the little boys and girls all over the world

The shit that we say is from the srteets

Not for you to go and do

Uh or to repeat, plaese if we can no more murder

I must say if we can no more murder



Why do i stay high (x10)

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

If I Could Teach The World / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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