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(chorus): friends, friends, friends, friends, how many of us have them?

(how many of us have them?)

Friends, friends, friends, friends, ones you can depend on?

(ones you can depend on?)

Friends, friends, friends, friends, how many of us have them?

(how many of us have them?)

Friends, friends, friends, friends,

Before we go any further, let's talk about friends.


My mind can't hate 'em, and even all ah tha people gotta support me

When i'm gonna buck it all tha way ta depend

I don't needin' no friend, i

Friends, deep with tha sand in tha ships

So win again, and again, and will ah me friend

Can i get ah witness to knowin' my friend

Trust no cops, not even tha one i had to fold

She won't groan, no oh, it was probably me so we go

We know what we know, and tha day ya brotha zapped me

And it's yo' aunty's baby's daddy in cincinnati

And why'd you trap me (didn't she?) and i'm out there robbing

Ready foe tha war, and then analyze my fresh style, be browsing

Enemiez test and watch out foe my friendz

(wish): bet i got my friends, bet i got mine, bet i got mine, yeah

We straight up killaz, we realer, we just want tha money, y'all hataz

We don't deserve 'em. murda one, if we fin' ta go murda dem all, dey

Fall. they wanna see tha bone fall, y'all, but nah, we too bone

I rememba, back lil' wayz when we were so hungry, when we were

So hungry. but now thank the lord, my thugs we got money

We got money, hey. we got money to parlay, we got money to parlay

Watch if i miss ya, hit chya, bet one of these thug-niggaz

Get wit' chya. how ya feel about murda, man? it's still tha

Same, you fukk wit' us, wang bangarang. it's like suicide

Nigga do or die. when ya fukkin' wit' mine, we gon' ride in tha end

Somebody gon' die tonight, don't be fukkin' wit' my friends



I can tell, wit' tha devil, i'm doin' is workin', lurkin', approachin

Me like i must suffer, but in order ta prevent event, and your told

To repent. 'cause i gotta protect my fortune, and that's my friend

Till tha end. rollin' in my benz, neva thought what was next to occur

Young entrepeneur, who defeat through tha bloody blood, we ready foe

Divide and conquer. playa hation, infiltration, any situation, y'all

Muthafukkaz bring, go prepare foe eternal warfare, and i really don't

Care, 'cause i'm sayin' my prayer to tha man upstairz

Keepin' my niggaz out here so strong, and doin' this pain

And strain to survive. lookin' out foe each-other everyday

And our people's comin' up readin' the bible

Willin' ta die, if tha wicked is near me, if y'all eva try

Ta come wit' some crooked condition

What it is, just ta book ah thug

Come ah little bit closer nigga

Take ah look at this picture of ah vision of ah mission accomplished

Bone thugs all tha way 'till tha end, and again, and again, and again

And again, don't try ta come between my, my.



Momma told me watch yo' friends

They can be enemiez within

Quick to pretend like they fit in

Get in, they put it all to an end

I know ya kinda choosed survival, pinned ya

Nigga done tried ta infiltrate tha clique, we gonna get chya

No evil! get's in me, apart from my people

Militant that's how we choose to roll, and we road warriorz

About tha war, tha war, tha war

When you call my name i will be there, i'll be there

Neva got to worry 'bout nobody else

Indeed, and though i know i want mo' time

I need mo' time. sweat about armageddon

It's gonna get us, are you ready? what about yo' friends? friends

'till tha very end, through tha freezin' wicked windz

Wicked windz. what about yo' friends?


I've been ready wit' ah bang, i'm here ta bring all tha noize

Don't think you can avoid tha wrath, then get 'em with tha math

Not that tha fact that tha skiez be shorted

Thoughted tha coast was clear, but you couldn't see ah hidden flesh

Thought if you'd been in silence

Longer they know that to you, host preapared to crept in yo' crib

Till then and they wanted ta see tha violence

Droppin', gettin' locked and get in stayed in asylum

Livin' life on under tha hill. release that trail

And one ah my niggaz been in celled, because i stay high

Smoke, enhale. and i may break it wit' ah nigga, will he suffer

Don't make no mistake, or don't faim his spray

Anticipation ta get you sprayed, but what if he hesitate?

Make my day. they lay, any nigga they would

It be easy ta pick up ah tune. when do we end?

Will they come get this shit done, and over ah partner

Must ah been one of my friends

Betta watch yo' back, otha people you think are yo' homiez

Open my fist i can pin when ya fallin

I said only mo' thug aloud, and only we souljahz can roll gee

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Friends / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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