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Its All Mo Thug

Chorus (2X): Itz all mo thug, itz all mo, mo thug

Verse 1: flesh, krayzie, layzie


Gotta catch one to ya dome

?oh-oh, oh-oh

Finna put him on yha ??? Get thah money n tha ____

Watch for tha cops, stop, its time to get tha job done, we go

Ya'll know i ain't neva been a nigga tryin ta play

N a nigga just a killa tryin ta make a livin

Steady gettin ready for armagedon

But i'm high in tha meantime

N killaz from way down

Wanna come n let krayzie getta grave

Write phukk you hoes across my tombstone

N bury wit my guage (my gauge)

Fillin em wit pump ta pump

N if you an enemy whacha want

My nigga we gon bang on tha records

No battle, no m.c.'s, or names in your mouth

You get phukked up

We flippin on tha northcoast

Cuz everybody wanna claim my style

We could bukk-n-rough shit

I'm puttin a bitch in tha coffin

Fa tryin ta test a nigaaz nuts, but yo

Hey, can we play

Cuz i gotta lotta shhit i wanna launch your way, way

Betta not phukk wit all of us

No, no?

Hell yeah

Got me flippin in tha northcoast

Homie, rememba it's tha crook that wrote tha book

I'm off tha hook (off tha hook)

Ya'll niggaz betta tak another look

Cuz if you playa-hate tha bone

Then ya life'll get took, so quick

Neva bringin you no bullshit man

Face ta faces n asiassin game

Bringin tha heat

Ya'll niggaz bringin it lame

But if you wanna bring tha pain

Then you gotta maintain

Comin in on anutha level

I'mma put you on date, at tha top of tha pile

Fake niggaz wanna claim my style

But imma break em on down

Ho, you gotta kill me nigga

Cuz itz tha thuggish ruggish sound

That ya lookin for, betcha fo

Everybodyz boy w

Its All Mo Thug /

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