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For Tha Love Of $

Foe tha' love of money

Gotta make that money man

It's still the same now

Gotta get on the grind

Pop in the clip of my nine

And bitch if you slip

You hit the chalk and fall in the night time

Gotta get mine

Ain't takin no shorts or no losses

Hop on the phone

Callin' my nigga sin at home

Polishin' that MAC-10 crome

Gotta a lick so bring yo shit

Cause once again it's on

To the dome with a fifth of burb

we wig to the curb so we swerve

And rolled out to pick up the triple six thug

And follow the murder for robbin the dooehouse

Smoke jump outta me bong

So high, now comin' to slay with four grenades and a gauge

I'm a play, watch all 'em fall in the grave and lay

Pullin' in the driveway, Wish spotted the place and quickly rolled up

Bulldozed through the living room

Hopped out of the car and started to blow up

Buck, Buck, and a kaboom

Me blew all them bodies all over the room

Them doomed

And gotta move fast, why?

The po-po's comin'

Snatch up me yummy

So nigga don't think it's funny

I'm comin' up quick in the niine-quat

Cause Flesh be lovin' this money

I'm given uo love to the hustlas

All them St.Clair thugstas makin' that money stayin' on your feet

And you better believe gotta have that cheese

For the green leaves, never catch me sleep

Stay on the grind, get mine

Stayin' down for mine crime, and I hit up the nine-nine

Givin' up that llelo, makin' me sale, twenties nickles and dimes

Beat up and stick up a lick up, that two-eleven

Gotta get what's mine, then bailin'

Me kickin' up dust, I'm trailin

Feelin one-eight-seven

That's how it is, and I gotsta have

For Tha Love Of $ /

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