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Shots 2 Da Double Clock


If you're down to glide and slide on the Clair, then let's ride

Tony Tone roll with Bone on the dark side

But when you come just bring your guns witcha

If your a busta niggas gone have fun witcha

So nigga don't get me wrong, my niggas

Swang them thangs, bang some brains

Slangin' yayo, it all remains the same

Step and you'll catch some buck shots

Murder one on the Clair my glock glock

Mo thugs whats up nigga get dropped

Put 'em in the mud, pop and I can't stop now

Nigga that I thug wit' kill

Pop to tha chest how does it feel

And nigga we peel caps

Pap, fit to get your wig cracked back

Killin' I'm buckin em down, I wish ya would

Try to get some, redrum, bitch

Nigga don't test my hood

A first degree murderin' wig splitta, grave digga

Diggin' a ditch, puttin' a bitch

And them snitches in the pit, so don't fuck with

Them niggas off the 9 9

The foundation of niggas commitin' a crime is murderin' every time

Nigga beware cuz here come the Clair

Mobbin' like them soldiers

Watch me fold ya

For actin' like somebody never told ya

So off we go, to the bloody row

Tryin' to blood some souls, with that nine shot

Givin' props to the double glock

Pump pump when I let my shell down

Hit a nick nack gimmee the goodies and nigga me dash

Ya reach for the gauge and mash

Yell out 187 and blast

Nigga don't test nuts your luck's fucked

You feelin' up right for the bone yard

Thuggin' off with the graveyard shift

Then comin' up blow your whole card, bitch

Scandalous niggas, dwellin' the Clair be servin' them chop chop's

We rippin' them guts wi

Shots 2 Da Double Clock /

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