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Mo Thug-Family Tree


Yeah! Come on, come on, come on

This is my family

This is my family, my family (x2)

Mo Thug music (Sing-sing-sing, sing along, sing along) (x2)

It's all about Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, (sing along, sing along)

Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug,

(sing-sing-sing, sing along, sing along) Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug


My family, oh, it means so much to me

Everywhere we go, playa haters gonna hate and that's for sure

My family tree recruited on this thugsta groove

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

{Tony Tone}

I love my family

And this Mo Thug family, you mean the world to me

Heaven's where we gonna be


{Boogy Nikke}

...Together we stand

Together we fall, ya'll

I never turn my back on y'all

I got my halo cocked, goin' out with y'all, ya'll


Come look at this world that's ever so cruel

But the good Lord blessed us

Gave me true family I can depend on

500 Benz with the Synchro rims on

Now I can get off when the wind blow

But I'd like to thank you, Jesus Christ

For givin' for givin' up Your life for us

Now, I can think twice, 'fore roll the dice

Advice from a thug, tell mommy I love her everyday, think of her

Take a look at your thugs to the front of the line

Hear the thunder grind off in my mind

We done partied overtime

Destruction, terror, oh what an era!

Let's get it together 'fore it's over

Be a soldier like my Mo Thug family

{Cat Cody}

They never ever turned their backs on me (backs on me!)

When I was down (I was down!)

My Mo Thugs (Ohhhhh!) was always around

And if there comes a time

Mo Thug-Family Tree /

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